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Grades 2 - 8

During the school year, the 2nd-8th Grade Program is divided into two semesters. 

Interactive and creative programs

Explore acting and story creation through the art of film.

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The fall semester is process-oriented, focusing on skill building.  Students meet once a week for two hours.  During this time, they are grouped by age into small classes to study:

  • Acting

  • Voice

  • Dance

  • Improvisation

  • Audition Skills

  • Acting for Film


ACT ONE offers a variety of times and locations for these class sessions.  (see below)

The winter/spring semester is production-oriented, focusing on rehearsals for a fully-produced musical.  Every student is cast and used extensively in the musical.  Rehearsals occur twice a week for two hours each session, with more frequent rehearsals during the final two weeks leading up to the performances.  There are multiple casts for the musical; and each cast has its own unique rehearsal schedule.  Therefore, families can select a cast that best fits with their own schedules.


For information about our Summer Camp offerings, click here.

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Electives Program (7th – 12th Grade)

In addition to the 2nd – 8th program, we are offering a variety of elective classes and private lessons at varying times during the week. See our brochure for further details.

We plan to meet at the locations listed under the Locations Tab. Students will be given the opportunity to choose the time/location that suits them best.

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