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Professional Training Program

Whether or not a student is considering pursuing a career in theatre, our High School Professional
Training Program (“PTP”) offers a supportive environment that values every student’s contribution to
the creative process.


We seek to develop a strong ensemble of actors who believe in themselves and in
the possibilities of others.  Students develop and apply their musical theatre skills through a
combination of classwork and performance.


Our small class sizes, which include one-on-one instruction,
afford students the opportunity for the individualized-study of technique, text, and vocal and physical work.
And, through performance, students are provided opportunities to apply what they have learned.

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The curriculum includes:

  • Acting

  • Scene Study

  • Monologues

  • Improv

  • Playwriting ("Writer's Room")

  • Solo Voice

  • Jazz & Ballet

  • Audition Prep

  • A live performance in December (see below)

Writer’s Room and December Performance
A new component of our PTP program this year is the “Writers’ Room,” in which students work in small groups to create a short play that they will rehearse and ultimately perform live (online) at the end of the fall semester.


This December performance will also feature material students have been studying in their other acting, voice, and dance classes.

Spring Semester – Saturdays and Mondays (in-person)*

During the spring semester, students further develop and apply their skills as they rehearse and perform a fully staged musical.  We offer flexible rehearsal scheduling to accommodate the busy lives of our students.  Because of this, our high school students are able to rehearse and perform in their own local high school productions as well.

* Subject to Covid-19 restrictions

Electives Program (7th – 12th Grade)
In addition to the PTP curriculum, we are offering a variety of elective classes and private lessons at varying times during the week. See our brochure for further details.

When we return to in-person classes/rehearsals, we plan to meet at our Glenshaw locations listed under the Locations Tab.

Starving Artist Program

Every two years, 11th and 12th grade PTP students are eligible to apply to the Starving Artist Program.  Focused on “The Business of the Business,” the Starving Artist Program involves eight weeks of intensive classwork. 


Private coaching in acting and singing culminates in a trip to New York City where students participate in mock auditions, receiving feedback and mentoring from theatre professionals.