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Giving Back

Since 2003, ACT ONE has hosted an annual GALA, to fund extra projects or equipment or to support local, community programs. Art is a collaborative process. In that spirit, we believe that ACT ONE should collaborate with our neighbors to create the best community possible. We want our student artists to understand the importance of giving back, of using art to make the world a better place.



One of our students, Isabelle Christenson, was the recipient of multiple organ transplants. She spent a huge portion of her life in the hospital. One thing she want most was to feel like a normal kid and have a playground she could use in the hospital. Sadly, Izzy passed away. But her mother, Michelle Christenson, was determined to see Izzy’s dream of a playground realized. ACT ONE started the ball rolling with a gala for IZZY’S PLAYGROUND. We got a commitment from Children’s Hospital for the project and raised $11,000 as the first contribution. This spring, Karen Cordaro had the honor of attending the grand opening of IZZY'S PLAYGROUND at the new Children’s Hospital. It is filled with projected interactive games that can be played, germ-free, from a wheel chair, or while pulling an IV pole. Kudos to Children’s Hospital Foundation for making Izzy’s dream come true!!


Fay Morgan, Executive Director of NHCO, is a former ACT ONE mom. She has been the energetic spearhead of this amazing community effort to take care of our own neighbors when they are in need. Services include a food bank, counseling services, health care, clothing, job placement, shelter…the list goes on and on. This is a program that we trust to use every dollar in the most efficient way. Through the GALA, ACT ONE has been able to donate over $20,000 to the betterment of our community through North Hills Community Outreach.

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