From Our Students Past & Present

The Kelly nominations came out today and I was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I just want to thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. You have made such a huge impact on my life. Thank you for the coaching, support and love throughout my five years in ACT ONE. – Michael T.

ACT ONE is a special place where, if you have enough dedication, energy and a bit of skip in your step, you can make magic! – MacKenzie K.

I gave a presentation in science class… 15 minutes about light. I got one of the very few perfect scores. My teacher pulled me aside and asked if I did ACT ONE. She said she can pick us out because of our confidence speaking in front of people. – Emma B.

ACT ONE has helped me discover a passion for musical theater and have so much fun while doing so! It’s a wonderful place filled with great memories, laughter, learning, and friendship. – Lauren B.

Truth be told, I doubt I’m going to purse acting as a career. And although I have witnessed my acting, singing, and dancing skills improve over time, that’s not all that I’ve learned. ACT ONE has taught me responsibility, enthusiasm, leadership, problem-solving, courage, logic, and cooperation; skills I’m never going to forget. It has helped me to grow as a person and to not be afraid to take risks or be myself. Looking back twenty years from now, ACT ONE will be what defines my grade school career. – Evelyn I.

ACT ONE was a life-changing experience for me– it gave me the confidence and courage to walk through the rest of my life as no one else but myself. – Mia D.

Karen Cordaro will never underestimate you or let you underestimate yourself. She finds your ability. Every child deserves a moment in the limelight… and Mrs. “C” gives each child that chance. Everyone feels as if they’re a valuable part of the performance. – Sammi  L.

From Our Parents

From a Home School Mom – My kids have been involved in ACT ONE for the past 11 years so needless to say, we love it. The environment is super supportive, no one ever feels like they have the “small part”. All are created equal. I can honestly tell you that my three kids have NEVER had any issue with other kids. None of that “clicky” stuff that is rampant in the public school activities can be found at ACT ONE. Karen Cordaro runs a tight ship (no one gets away with fooling around), but she does so with a loving attitude. We cannot say enough good things about ACT ONE. It has been a blessing to our family and has taken a load off my back with respect to teaching the fine arts, chorus, acting and dance – they are just not my areas of expertise! – Lori Bradford

Three generations of ACTONErs in our family! No one EVER outgrows the desire for professionalism, creativity, and “family”. Ten hugs – Joan Widdowson

ACT ONE is a phenomenal team sport that teaches interdependence, self-esteem, and the golden rule. – Sally Carty


What the staff at ACT ONE have taught and given children, lasts a lifetime. And it is not only “acting” and “musical theatre” that is taught. It is love, respect, and friendship, paying it forward, and knowing that you can be yourself. ACT ONE is a safe place. When a child graduates from ACT ONE, he takes qualities with him that prepares him for life and the future. – Pam Jantsch

Mrs. C, I can see why you are so successful. You reach out to each individual child on ‘wrap up night’ and tell them a little something about themselves. In a world where not many people take notice, you do. Thanks again, Becky Auer

As a sales professional at a Fortune 50 company, I will be forever grateful for the skill sets that I learned through ACT ONE. I can deliver presentations with confidence, have learned how to improvise when things change quickly, and thrived under the encouraging environment that ACT ONE provided and would not want to imagine life without it. Whether your child is looking to pursue a career in theater, build confidence in public speaking or wants to have a lot of fun and build relationships, I would highly recommend Act One Theatre School. – Megan Montgomery

ACT ONE teaches me to be a better performer, but more importantly, it inspires me to be a better person. Act One always brings out the best in me.  At school, sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in “the need to be popular”, but that never happens at Act One. – Maddie I.

Thank you for being the source of so much happiness, love and learning when I was a kid. I am 26 years old now. I own a successful business I started a year ago. We keep growing and expanding, and I’m able to take care of myself entirely, as well as others. I am a very strong, independent, and confident woman – and I know that I owe so, so much of the qualities I possess today to the solid foundation laid by you and the ACT ONE family in my childhood. I can’t count how many wonderful memories I have of the years I spent with you, nor even begin to imagine how my personality, character and life would have been different without you. For lack of a better way to phrase it: You build better people. – Whitney Polakowski

In my acting class at USC, we’re encouraged to be curious and attentive to that other person with us, a very ACT ONE idea. – Alexa Schwartz

ACT ONE gave me a rock solid foundation that has continued to serve me and set me apart…now, as I have dedicated my life to performing professionally, I am so thankful for my training at ACT ONE. – Courtney McKeown

In the midst of a hectic and consuming life-style, you and ACT ONE have always come through to stabilize and inspire me. Thank you endlessly for caring like family, loving like family, supporting like family, and truly becoming family over the years. When I think of myself as a pudgy little girl with greasy hair, big red glasses and my heart desperately hanging off my sleeve, I cannot fathom where I would have ended up without you. Thank you for having so much faith in your kids. You change lives for the better year after year, and no child ever forgets it. – Vanessa Reseland

You taught me the most important things in this business. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am in general if it wasn’t for ACT ONE.  – Teri Andrez (Andrzejewski)